Trading Alpha Trust

Registration Number
Standing of Matter
Banks Involved
Type of Appointment
Applied for Application
Is SARS a creditor?
Western Cape
Progress Report (Status)
Matter referred by Rynette. H A Plaatjies, C F Bester & E A Beddy appointed on 4 September 2012. The joint trustees issued summons against debtors.
Danger of Contribution
Primary Appointee
Pieters, R
Joint Appointee
C F Bester
E A Beddy
Admin Person
Pieters, R
Nature of Estate
Insolvent Estate
Master's Reference
Provisional Court Order Date
Final Court Order Date
Provisional Certificate of Appointment Date
Certificate of Appointment Date
Place of Meetings
Magistrate Belville
Second Meeting Date
L and D Progress Report
Requested extension of time to lodge L&D on/before 7 April 2014.
Requested further extension up to 1 March 2015.
Lodged 1st Account: 07/07/2015
F4: 28/08/2015
F5: 05/10/2015
Lodged 2nd Account: 29/01/2016
F4: 26/02/2016
F5: 11/04/2016
Lodged 3rd Account: 10/05/2016
F4: 24/06/2016
F5: 11/08/2016
Next account due on/before 11 February 2017
Lodged 4th Account: 02/02/2017
F4: 03/03/2017
F5: 29/03/2017
5th Account due on/before: 07/08/2017

First Account Confirmed Date
Second Account Confirmed Date
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